Going Aloft, Chapter 14

Living in a regimented manner makes any introduction of variety hold greater importance. When you expect your daily life to be a certain way, the weight of dynamic change amplifies. You  find yourself focusing more on things that are exceptional.

This was how life was for us in the harbor. Every day was the same, and every day was different in its own beautiful way. The people we met, the places we motored the dinghy, the walks we took, the meals we ate, the sunsets we admired, all took on a gravity and importance that they might never have had otherwise. It made everything we did beyond sleeping, working, and eating seem more intense. It was a marvelous way to live, and in this chapter I try to capture our routine as a steady base for the rest of the Nassau chapters. Everything that happens in the rest of the story takes place within this powerful churning of days, this scheduled routine that turns months into the blink of an eye, weeks into memories, and days into dust.

The work of this time of my life was as close to superhuman as I personally have ever come, altering and repairing the battered schooner that went further than any other boat into a sleek, polished vessel ready to work every day in a charter business. It was a big boat and a bigger task, and the schedule we kept allowed us to complete it. For the Captain, it was another session of the heavy work that kept him going.

When the backdrop rhythm of his life was capable of such power and ability to change the tangible world we worked in, the things that wiggled their way to the forefront become that much more intense.

Read it, as always, here.

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