Transfixed by the Moment: New Feature Essay in Salt Magazine

Happy Friday, dear readers!

For your weekend reading pleasure, please enjoy my latest essay in Salt: a feature profile on James Jarvis, a local jazz pianist and composer in Wilmington. James does some really cool stuff that no one else around here is doing. He plays only his compositions, and has developed his voice on his instrument like Miles Davis did on his trumpet– there’s no other way I can put it except that he sounds like himself, which is a hard thing to do, musically and artistically speaking.

Enjoy the essay, which you can read here. If you want to hear James play, check out his YouTube channel. Or see him live in Wilmington: Friday nights at Bottega, Sunday afternoons at Old Books on Front Street, and Wednesday nights at the Blind Elephant.

Stay tuned; more exciting things to come.

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