Commentary on WHQR

Yesterday, my voice was transmitted over the airwaves of our local NPR station, WHQR 91.3 FM. As a guest commentator in the station’s Communique department, I read a short essay about standing a night watch on the Schooner Anne and seeing myself in perspective with the world around me (readers of Going Aloft might recognize the setting). I had a great time recording this piece, and my hope is that this is only the first of many little snapshots of life I get to read on the air. Thanks to Gina Gambony and Vince Winkel for this wonderful opportunity.

You can listen to it here:


2 thoughts on “Commentary on WHQR

  1. Hi John, I really enjoyed hearing your reading at 4:44 on June 29th as well as the piece you wrote for Encore about your trip on the schooner Anne. I look out for her on my river walks or when I’m driving across the Isabel Holmes bridge and try to imagine all the stories she could tell.


    • Hey Paula! Thanks very much for listening. Anne certainly has enough stories to fill several books; I’m trying to transcribe as many of them as I can :). Good to hear from you! Hope you’re doing well.


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