Mark Ruffalo Speaks on PFAS Pollution

This week’s story in encore is (dare I say?) incredible. Mark Ruffalo, known for his role as Hulk in The Avengers, came to visit Wilmington and spoke about his terrific new film, “Dark Waters.” It tells a story that’s eerily familiar to anyone in the Cape Fear region: a chemical company knowingly poisoning people to keep their profits high.

I didn’t get the chance to interview Mr. Ruffalo, but I did hear him speak, and interviewed several local activists who were with him in a meeting with legislators in Raleigh. This story tells what they have to say, and what it means to those of us drinking the dark waters. Read the story here, and be sure to watch the film trailer included in the story.

Next up: I fly through the skies of Southeastern North Carolina, looking at CAFOs from above. Stay tuned!

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