A Birds-eye View of CAFOs

Last month I went flying with Cape Fear River Watch to get a birds-eye view of the factory farming operations in our state. I’ve written about this subject before, but this aerial perspective gave me an even better idea of what was going on in our river basin — and it’s not good. The Cape Fear River basin has more factory farms than any other river in the world; the staggering volumes of untreated waste these animals produce has been the number one water quality issue for our area long before the news broke about perfluoronated chemicals. With over 10 million hogs and 500 million chickens and turkeys in the state, and an underfunded Department of Environmental Quality, it’s up to organizations like River Watch to serve as the eye in the sky to ensure these farms are in compliance with existing regulations.

Read the latest essay about my flight by clicking here, and scroll down for more photos from the flight. Thanks again to Bill, our pilot, and Patrick for making this possible.

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