Down the River, To the Sea

A few months ago, I single-handed my sailboat all the way down the river I live on to where it meets the mighty Atlantic. There, I spent a peaceful night at anchor, watching the world revolve around me. When I wrote about it, I didn’t know that that feeling of aloneness would become a daily part of our lives. These days, as the COVID-19 crisis rages on, we all take shelter in our own little ships, waiting for the tide to switch and things to return to something resembling normalcy. At least we can take comfort in the fact that we’re all alone together.

Hopefully this little essay brings some hope that things can (and invariably do) change, and a gentle reminder that a little alone-ness every now and then can be a good thing – after all, that is when we can hear ourselves most clearly. So come with me on this little voyage, and listen to the clacking terns and smell the salt air, and be reminded that this, too, shall pass.

Read it here.

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