New Essay in PineStraw and SouthPark Magazines

Every cloud has a silver lining- even during the time of Coronavirus.

I’m sorry to announce that Salt Magazine, where my work has found a home for the past four years, is but the latest victim of Covid-19. Due to a lack of advertising funds, we printed our final issue last month (which included my essay Down the River, To The Sea). The magazine’s voice will be sorely missed in our community; it occupied a niche in our cultural ecosystem that won’t be easily filled.

However, the magazine has sister publications across the Tar Heel State: O.Henry in Greensboro, PineStraw in Southern Pines, and SouthPark in Charlotte. I am pleased to say that the editors have graciously invited me to publish two upcoming essays in their pages, with hopefully more to come in the future.

This month’s essay appears in PineStraw and SouthPark, and explores the work of a man with an unusual medium for artistic expression: fiberglass. Hubert Graham has spent almost a quarter of a century building Grahamland on his property in Columbus County, a sculpture garden featuring everything from flamingos to polar bears, lighthouses to Jolly Green Giants, and one fifty-foot-tall woman in a cowboy hat.

Explore his work by clicking here to read it in PineStraw, or here to read it in SouthPark (the text is the same, no matter where you read it). Thanks to Andrew Sherman for the fantastic photography.


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