Profile of a Coast Guard Cutter in PineStraw Magazine

Ahoy everybody, In my other career as a merchant mariner, I'm glad I've never had to call upon the Coast Guard for assistance (and I intend to keep it that way). But it's always nice knowing that they're out there, always ready, in case I ever do. When the USCGC Diligence announced it was shifting … Continue reading Profile of a Coast Guard Cutter in PineStraw Magazine

Down the River, To the Sea

A few months ago, I single-handed my sailboat all the way down the river I live on to where it meets the mighty Atlantic. There, I spent a peaceful night at anchor, watching the world revolve around me. When I wrote about it, I didn't know that that feeling of aloneness would become a daily … Continue reading Down the River, To the Sea

New Essay in Encore: Oyster Feud Behind Masonboro Island

Hi all, Some of you may remember that I wrote a story for Salt Magazine towards the end of last year about local oyster farmer Tom Cannon, who had just started an oyster farm in the pristine waters of Masonboro Sound (if you haven't read it yet, you can do so here). Unfortunately, Tom's farm … Continue reading New Essay in Encore: Oyster Feud Behind Masonboro Island

Terrapin Tally

Last weekend I had the pleasure of becoming a Citizen Scientist at the local wild place which I love most: Masonboro Island. I got to ride along in a kayak (okay, paddle along) with two actual scientists from the NC Coastal Reserve; together we observed the waters for any sign of Diamondback Terrapins, the only truly … Continue reading Terrapin Tally

Cold Water Warriors

Happy winter, everyone! I've got a new essay out in Salt magazine about the history of wintertime surfing in the frigid waters on the Carolina coast. It's just the right read for this chilly time of year: in it, you'll find what surfers wore to keep warm in the days before neoprene, and how the … Continue reading Cold Water Warriors

Going Aloft, Chapter 26

The End. Such a permanent little sentence, isn't it? One often imagines it as the closing of a book, a final moment of quiet pause before it returns to the dusty dry shelf. But books, while they may imitate life, aren't life. Stories end, but life keeps on going along (or aloft, if you'd like). … Continue reading Going Aloft, Chapter 26