Going Aloft, Chapter 10

This chapter captures one of my favorite memories of the voyage- the morning after the hellacious storm of the night before. There was this satisfied feeling of having survived something terrifying, of breaking through to the other side of a very tangible and real obstacle. And the sea was as beautiful as I have ever … Continue reading Going Aloft, Chapter 10

Going Aloft, Chapter 2

Hello again everyone, Another exciting day- Chapter 2 of Going Aloft, The Writer, was published today in encore magazine. If you haven't read Chapter 1 yet, you can find a link to it in the last blog post or on encore's website. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible (especially the lovely Gina Ramseur … Continue reading Going Aloft, Chapter 2

Going Aloft, Chapter 1

Hello everyone! Today is an exciting day for me- the first chapter of my book, Going Aloft, has been published and distributed to the greater Wilmington area in 50,000 copies of encore magazine, and made available for the rest of the wide world's reading pleasure online (link at bottom of post). Going Aloft will be … Continue reading Going Aloft, Chapter 1