Down the River, To the Sea

A few months ago, I single-handed my sailboat all the way down the river I live on to where it meets the mighty Atlantic. There, I spent a peaceful night at anchor, watching the world revolve around me. When I wrote about it, I didn't know that that feeling of aloneness would become a daily … Continue reading Down the River, To the Sea

Commentary on WHQR

Yesterday, my voice was transmitted over the airwaves of our local NPR station, WHQR 91.3 FM. As a guest commentator in the station's Communique department, I read a short essay about standing a night watch on the Schooner Anne and seeing myself in perspective with the world around me (readers of Going Aloft might recognize … Continue reading Commentary on WHQR

Guest Appearance on a Local Talk Show

Hey everyone, So I got to do something pretty fun a few weeks ago: appear as a guest on the last episode of Late Fear with Wills Maxwell, Wilmington's late night local talk show. I appeared with a menagerie of other talented folks: poet Khalisa Rae, comedian Allie Coleman, actor Phil Antonino, and musician Griffin … Continue reading Guest Appearance on a Local Talk Show

Going Aloft, Chapter 19

You meet all types of people in foreign harbors. People from many different backgrounds and experiences, who hail from different ports-of-call, who hold strange world views. It's one of the marvelous things about traveling- you expose yourself to people who you would never meet by staying home. Each person helps you grow a little bit, … Continue reading Going Aloft, Chapter 19

Water Dwellers: Essay in Salt Magazine

It is my pleasure to announce that my inaugural On the Water column comes out in this month's issue of Salt Magazine, Wilmington's own art and literary publication. In it, I profile the wandering souls who pass through our harbor at Wrightsville Beach on transient boats. In the process of doing research I got to … Continue reading Water Dwellers: Essay in Salt Magazine