2018 Ray Bradbury Challenge #3: Heaven, Or Earth

The third installment of my 2018 Ray Bradbury Challenge, in which I write a new short work of fiction every week, because, as Ray Bradbury once said, "it's impossible to write 52 bad short stories in a row." Enjoy! HEAVEN, OR EARTH by John Wolfe Timothy McVay did love this part of his job. The … Continue reading 2018 Ray Bradbury Challenge #3: Heaven, Or Earth

Going Aloft, Chapter 12

At it's core, and despite all of the parts about sailing, storms, and sublimity, Going Aloft is really a love story. It's about a young man who falls in love with his surroundings and his mentor and his friends, but the most important blossoming of love is the bond between the Writer and the Artist. … Continue reading Going Aloft, Chapter 12